Programmatic buying isn't just efficient—it leads to more sophisticated and targeted campaigns.

Matthew Glickman, Co-founder of SearchKings
Why Programmatic Advertising?

When managing campaigns that have hundreds of website pages and thousands of keywords, it can be difficult to manually bid against the infinite variables and combinations available. Addressing all of the relevant customer signals, such as time of day or location, while manually optimizing search and display campaigns is difficult and time-consuming.

Programmatic bidding with SearchKings Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary programmatic solutions take into account over 20 customer signals to intelligently reach people where and when they're most likely to respond and buy.

Understanding where your potential customers are in their purchase journeys and connecting with them with the right message and the right cost is crucial to successful programmatic bidding. SKai is designed to reach new and high-value customers at the right moment at the right price.

For instance, we build ads with dynamic content that changes based on the user's location, time of day, weather, and 23 other live data points. SKai uses customer targeting signals such as, In-Market Audiences, Keyword Contextual, and similar Audiences to reach new customers, and remarketing to reconnect with existing customers.

A Human Touch

Technology, insights, and creative are the three pillars of every successful campaign. We deliver powerful and profitable programmatic results by bringing those three elements together.

  • Technology

    It's important to recognize that this technology is fluid and requires a human touch to stay optimized.

  • Insights

    We stay on top of industry standards and the latest developments in the industry and what other brands are achieving using artificial intelligence and programmatic advertising. This is not a "learn it once and done" space.

  • Creative

    The hardest thing with programmatic advertising is respecting the relationship between the medium and the message. It's easy to get lost in the technical aspects of programmatic advertising and lose sight of your core mission as marketers—to add value to consumers. The most advanced programmatic advertising in the world won't break through if the creative doesn't tell a compelling story.

SKai & Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads use content from your website to match your ads to searches.
As an advertiser, we can choose from a variety of targeting options.

Benefits of using
SKai & Dynamic Search Ads
  • Save time

    No more mapping of keywords, bids, or ad copy for each product on your website. Plus, DSA could help you connect with new markets faster than other alternatives.

  • Frequent, automatic updates to your ads

    When you make changes to pages, we'll crawl your website again to help ensure that your ads are as up to date as possible.

  • Relevancy

    Show relevant, dynamically generated headlines with your ads. When a customer's search is relevant to your product or service, we'll dynamically generate an ad with a headline that includes words from that customer's search phrase and the landing page.

  • Control your campaign

    You can show ads based on your entire website, specific categories, or pages. You can also prevent your ads from showing for products that are temporarily out of stock.

  • Capture additional traffic

    Dynamic Search Ads can help you gain additional traffic and sales by promoting your business to more customers than you can reach with a keyword-targeted campaign.