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The Challenge

Garage Living, a company that provides custom-designed, luxury garage renovations, was looking to increase their brand exposure and consideration of their services among those who are in the market for a garage upgrade. Given the cost of their services and a target audience of affluent, high-end consumers, the challenge was finding a high-volume strategy that also ensured this quality of impressions and increased conversions.

Garage Living Challenge

The Strategy

Top-of-funnel audience targeting to create more brand awareness among high-end, luxury consumers and bottom-funnel, in-market targeting using Video Action campaigns, in-stream and remarketing ads to drive in-home estimates and sales.

Garage Living Strategy

The Results

More than a quarter-million impressions (265K) and 45K views, contributing to an overall 33% increase in account conversions and a 25% decrease in cost per conversion over that same period.

Garage Living Results